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The List

35. Take a City Kid Camping

38. See the Full Moon Rise over Every Continent.

This may sound trite. But probably not to anyone who's actually done it.

36. Hut to Hut
Skiing above treeline on Colorado's classic 10th Mountain trail, between Betty Bear Hut and Skinner Hut, stopping for the view over Hagerman Pass and the Continental Divide, will put you on God's doorstep.
37. Ride the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to Moscow
In winter.

38. See the Full Moon Rise Over Every Continent
Just in case you need incentive, it's a documented fact that watching night fall over the Great Barrier Reef, the Eiffel Tower, the Queen Maud Mountains, Angkor Wat, the Bosporus, Angel Falls, the Manhattan skyline, Kare-kare Beach, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, Mulu National Park, or Ayers Rock inevitably beats sitting at home watching Ready...Set...Cook! on cable.

39. Climb Mont Blanc
Ground zero at 15,771 feet: In 1786, a French physician named Michel-Gabriel Paccard and a friend scaled the roof of the Alps, word spread across the continent, and people haven't looked at rock the same way since.

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