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96. High Tea in Sri Lanka

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100. Surf.

Yes, State Department cautions do apply in some spots. But by and large, the prerequisites for successful tea growing—unrelenting spring coolness, high altitude, and undulating terrain—also make for breathtaking treks.

97. Learn the Trees, Flowers, Wildlife, Geology, and History of Your Place
98. Find the Perfect Beach

Ditch the brochures. If you want to do this, then really do it, by flying the Pacific Coast of North, Central, and South America in an antique Grumman Widgeon seaplane. The Widgeon is a belly-lander, just the right size to kiss into any of the secluded coves from Big Sur to the Gulf of California to Puerto Ángel and beyond. It's also just big enough to carry a surfboard, a full cooler, a few fly rods, and a hammock—plus your dog and one other friend.

99. Give Something Back
-Join the ski patrol.
-Stop using pesticides.
-Build and encourage habitat diversity in your property, neighborhood, or town.
-Volunteer for a search and rescue team.
-Return a chicken to the wild.

100. Surf.

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