Singled Out

The newest star of The Bachelor reminds us: Don't hate the player; hate the game

THERE'S A REASON WE'VE NEVER WRITTEN about The Bachelor: 'cause, you know, gross. But the life of Bachelor No. 10, Andy Baldwin, has intersected with the pages of Outside before. Longtime readers may recall triathlon goddess Lokelani McMichael from our December 2003 cover. Baldwin, 30, is her ex-boyfriend. He's also a medical doctor, Navy lieutenant, sponsored triathlete, and four-time Ironman World Championships finisher. And we wrote about him last December after he went on an expedition to Southeast Asia to search for remains of Vietnam POWs and MIAs. So what the hell's he doing looking for love on reality TV? "I haven't found the right woman yet," Baldwin told us from an undisclosed location during filming. "And when I thought about the tens of thousands of applicants who are applying to meet me, I thought, That sounds pretty good." Fair enough. But we're still not going to watch.

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