Cross Training

Here come longer days and better weather. Make the most of the multisport season with the hottest new gear.

(1) LAYER Can't decide between the warmth of a puffy jacket and the low weight of a vest? MontBell's 800-fill Ultra Light Down Half Sleeve is the perfect compromise. 6 oz, $120;

Cross Training Gear

(2) SWIM Lose the post-pool eye circles with Barracuda's Wire Triton goggles; their soft silicone-based frames don't leave marks. $22;
(3) SECURE Prevent boat theft with Stick Protection Technology's Lockable Tie Downs, which have both locks and knifeproof stainless-steel straps. 8 ft, $75; 13 ft, $85;
(4) CAST Cloudveil's Crystal Creek Wading Pants, with a trim cut and removable suspenders, fit and feel better than traditional waders. $365;
(5) SCHLEP Stay cool with Gregory's Z22 daypack. Its curved frame allows air to circulate against your back¬ówithout compromising support. $99;
(6) GLOW Reflective graphics on SweetskinZ's Scorch tires shine brightly in a car's headlights. 26 in, $40;
(7) PEDAL Shimano's heat-moldable SH-R300 road shoes literally conform to your feet. $350;

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