Speed Boat

A world-class, carbon fiber playboat.

Carbon fiber has already revolutionized the construction of everything from bicycles and racing sculls to guitars and golf clubs. Now playboats get their turn. The 20-pound Project 54Cx kayak, from Wave Sport, weighs a third less than other freestyle boats, meaning better glide, effortless maneuvers, and huge flips on standing waves. And compared with similarly shaped plastic boats, which are softer and thus have more drag in the river, the 54Cx's stiff carbon shell planes through the water dramatically faster. So fast, in fact, that it allowed designers to increase the rocker—the arc from bow to stern—to allow for easier aerials. No, it's not designed for river running, but its Kevlar and fiberglass layers will shield against the occasional rock shot in the park. And while other river rats may lust after this slick-looking trickster, they'll never be able to catch you. $2,500; wavesport.com

Wave Sport Project 54Cx

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