Phoenix Motorcars Sport Utility Truck

A zero-emissions gear hauler


Phoenix Motorcars Sport Utility Truck

This all-electric, emissions-free SUT has a top speed of 95 miles per hour and runs 130 miles on a single ten-minute charge (250 miles with an "expansion pack"). A limited number will be sold to private buyers—with a catch. To be considered, you must submit a 150-word essay on your driving habits. Here's my plea:

Dear Phoenix Motorcars,

Finally, a guilt-free vehicle that can seat five grown-ups, and hold kayaks in the back! I need this. Why? First, my daily NYC commute. Normally, I wouldn't risk driving a pokey plug-in in the carpool lane. But behind the wheel of your enviro-ute, I could not only qualify for a single-driver exemption; I could also keep pace with leadfooted BMW jockeys during rush hour. Then there's the weekend, which usually starts when I pick up my girlfriend after work. On the way out of town, I can just stop off at home and get a 95 percent "fill-up" via the offboard charging unit, loading the bikes and gear during the ten-minute wait. After that, we'll shoot to our favorite upstate hideout and—hold on, just checking my math here—we should have exactly enough juice to get back on Sunday. Do you take checks?

Michael Spinelli

Lead Photo: Natalie Boehm