Planning to book that trip to Laos's Houaphan province you saw in our Best Trips of 2007 feature? Don't let a swig of tainted water ruin the journey. Steripen, which pioneered the use of ultraviolet light in portable water purifiers, has created the ultimate drinking companion for travelers. The Adventurer weighs less than four ounces and, with the push of a button, neutralizes the viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that cause trip enders like dysentery and hepatitis. Its UV bulb purifies a liter of water in less than two minutes without altering taste or temperature. Two rechargeable lithium batteries will treat about 50 liters, and with the solar recharger case ($50; sold separately), you'll never get stuck looking for a battery store in Uzbekistan. $129;

Impulse buy
Put a soft shell on your head with Outdoor Research's water-resistant, breathable halcyon Sombrero. $34;

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