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A Brief History Of Bode Miller

The good, bad, and totally wrecked moments in the life of America's most decorated skier.

Raised in Franconia, New Hampshire, Miller is forced to walk through the snow to his family's outhouse

Wins his first World Cup race, in Val d'Isère

Wins two silver medals at the Salt Lake City Olympics; gains more attention for walking back up the course to rerun a missed gate, a rare act of dedication

Shares his life wisdom in the book Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun

January 2006
Pre-Olympics, says, "If you ever tried to ski wasted, it's not easy."

February 2006
Post-Olympics, after failing to medal in any event, says, "It's been an awesome two weeks. I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level."

Tired of the "Bode Mobile," Miller's personal RV, the U.S. Ski Team issues an ultimatum; he quits and goes it alone

Wins his second World Cup title while becoming only the fifth skier to win a World Cup race in all five disciplines

September 2009
After suffering his worst year in the World Cup, rejoins the U.S. Ski Team to compete in Vancouver

February 2010
Our prediction: Now expected to fail and humiliate himself, Miller takes gold in the downhill and says he still doesn't care

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Lead Photo: Photograph by Eric Schramm