Go Ahead and Scoot

The new Vectrix, the only highway-legal electric bike on the market, isn't perfect. But once I figured out how to work the counterintuitive, throttle-based regenerative brakes (forward to stop slowly, forward and lever to stop quickly … or was it the other way? … dang, sorry, lady!) and made peace with my inner, "real men don't scoot" demons, I had an absolute blast. It's impressively fast—30 mph in under four seconds, or 50 in about seven—and fully recharges in three hours. During my testing around Manhattan, I managed to squeak out 45 or so miles per charge, despite gratuitously accelerating every chance I got. Not bad for a week spent giving the middle finger to Big Oil. $11,850; vectrix.com

Vectrix Electric Scooter

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