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Runners who want to know pace, distance, and calorie output (and nothing more), take note: Silva's TECH40 Accelerator pedometer watches are accurate and inexpensive. $59;

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Full Suspension
Granted, insoles are the least sexy piece of gear on the shelf. But here's a ski-boot accessory worth getting excited about. Aline, a year-old company cofounded by Gordon Hay—an orthotics guru who makes custom inserts for extreme skiers, mountaineers, and other athletes—has designed its BFAST insoles to both suspend and support your foot, improving alignment issues that affect ankles, knees, hips, back, and more. Proof that it works? The company also created a measuring device (the Aliner, available at retail shops) that lets you see at a glance where your lower body is out of whack, and whether insoles help the problem. Plus there's our own satisfied testers—as well as the list of unpaid converts, which reads like a who's who of action-sports stars, including freeskier Jamie Pierre. $50;

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