A Little Over the Top

A field guide to this summer's sporting do's

(Illustrations by Jameson Simpson)
Photo: Illustrations by Jameson Simpson Summer Hairstyles

1.The Enduro Crop
Who: Runners, cyclists, the balding
Where: Boulder, Seattle, Prison Break
Hero:Cyclist George Hincapie

2.The Glam Broker
Who: Wall Street types who've hit "their number" and cashed out
Where: Jackson Hole, Nantucket
Hero: Skier Kipp Nelson

3.The Samurai
Who: Iconoclasts; men who paint their nails black
Where: Bishop, California; Kurosawa films
Hero: Climber Jason Kehl

4.Immaculate Dishevelment
Who: Mountain guides; hobos
Where: Arkansas River boathouses; Durango
Hero: Alpinist Willie Benegas

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