Scott SC6114

For more than 150 years, sophisticated anglers have lusted after bamboo fly rods¬óspecifically, those made of Chinese Tonkin cane¬óbut they've always faced the same drawback: The nodes between segments, like hinges, cause weak points. Now, Colorado rod builder Bernard Ramanauskas, 36, has developed a chemical treatment that stiffens the wood's strands into a continuous flex pattern, as with carbon fiber. The result is Scott's sub-three-ounce SC series, geared toward the small, technical, brush-clogged creeks where bamboo outperforms Space Age competitors with its short-range precision and fish-fighting telepathy. The ferrules are nickel-silver, the wraps burgundy silk, the coating classic spar varnish, and the casting as accurate as it is aesthetic. Pair it with Nautilus's Feather Weight No. 3 (4 oz, $275; for the ultimate close-quarters setup. 6'11" 3-weight, 6'11" 4-weight, 7'5" 4-weight, $2,650;

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