Toys of Summer

Why we love gadgets: a crushproof camera, a portable weather station, and more

(photo by Adam Levey)
Photo: photo by Adam Levey Adventure Electronics

(1) Princeton Tec's three-watt LED Switchback 1 bike light burns for six hours at medium power before needing a recharge. $199;

(2) Garmin's Edge 305 handlebar-mounted navigation system gets reception even on forested singletrack and records speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, calories burned, and more. $350;

(3) Stop wasting time watching the Weather Channel. Taylor's Wireless Weather Station displays barometric pressure, NOAA forecasts, lunar cycle, and more. $100;

(4) Apply slight pressure and spring technology opens the stainless-steel blade on Buck's Catapult knife and locks it in place. $50;

(5) Olympus's 7.1-megapixel Stylus 770 SW can withstand 220 pounds of pressure without being damaged. It can also be dropped, frozen, or dunked. $380;

(6) For just $7 a month, Trimble's Geocache Navigator brings treasure hunting (OK, trinket hunting) to your Motorola Razr or other compatible Sprint or Nextel phone.

(7) Take the show on the road with the gorgeous four-inch LCD screen on Epson's P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, which holds up to 80 gigabytes of photos, video, and music. $700;

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