DPS Lotus and Lotus 120

DPS Lotus and Lotus 120 Skis

Carbon-fiber powder skis

Owning a pair of skis from DPS is like going to a premier nightclub: There's ahefty cover charge and a long line to get in, but the wait is worth it. When you'reready to take the plunge, don't waste time looking for these light yet rigid carbon-fiberboards on the ski-shop rack—you can order them online or by phone only, afterwhich they're shipped to your door for an extra $40. (But, hey, who's counting?)The Boulder-based company's five-shape quiver contains the reverse-camber Lotus138, the best choice for deep powder, and the more versatile Lotus 120, whichhas a conventional sidecut for better edging in mixed conditions. At twice thestiffness of normal skis but half the weight, they ride like a water ski—all float,no fat. $910 (without bindings); dimensions: 140/138/139 (Lotus 138), 140/120/125(Lotus 120); dpskis.com
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