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Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition

A Travel-Ready Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition
Wrapped in soft, saddle-grade French leather, Lenovo's ThinkPad Reserve Edition features a 2.2-GHz dual-core processor, 160GB hard drive, broadband wireless access, and a seven-hour battery. But what makes this beauty an on-the-go beast is this: It's the only laptop on the market that comes with an international fix-it squad. Middle-of-the-night meltdown while traveling in Singapore? No problem. Call a private number and a tech guy will land on your doorstep within four hours (or a reasonable travel time if, say, you're holed up in a remote fly-fishing lodge in the Yukon). Of course, the service will help with more ordinary problems, too, like uploading helmet-cam footage or syncing your new Nano. Call any of the worldwide numbers and Lenovo guarantees that an agent will pick up within four rings. Think how much you'll save on Advil. $5,000;

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