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Stick It

In terms of sheer usefulness to mankind, superglue is trumped only by duct tape and baling wire. But it can take an hour or more to dry, meaning you can be stuck pinching together your delaminated boot sole when you should be out hiking. Here's a trick that model builders have used for years to make their liquid-cement solutions set even faster: Add some baking soda. (1) Place a pinch of baking soda on a scrap of cardboard. (2) Squeeze out an equal-size blob of superglue. (3) Mix, then very quickly (4) apply to your bonding surface. If it sets too fast, try adding glue directly to the broken parts, closing the crack, and sprinkling the baking soda over it. Be sure to put everything just where you want it—once the bond sets, it's nearly impossible to break.

Filed To: Footwear
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