Heroic Effort

A University of Utah student goes bid crazy.

Last December, University of Utah student Tim DeChristopher, 27, won $1.8 million worth of oil and gas rights near Arches and Canyonlands national parks at a BLM auction in Salt Lake City. His act of civil disobedience—no, he never planned to pay—delayed the Bush administration's sale of the land and helped take 77 of the 116 parcels off the auction block. It also may get DeChris­topher indicted for disrupting federal proceedings.

Consecutive parcels DeChristopher won before being removed from the auction by BLM agents

Multi-billion-dollar companies he outbid

Days it took supporters to raise $110,000 for a down payment on the land

Years DeChristopher could spend in prison if he's found guilty in federal court

Percent of DeChristopher's parcels that are now proposed by the Interior Department for wilderness designation

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