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The Essentials: Marine Core

It's finally full-blown summer—and you're amped to make the most of it. We're with you: Here are our picks for this season's best gear—and where to take it.

When longboard legend Joel Tudor goes globetrotting for perfect surf, he drags his stuff around in a beat-up old military duffel. Vans, his sponsor, took the idea to the next level with the 12,000-cubic-inch Joel Tudor Duffle, which has water-resistant canvas, an internal drybag to stash a soggy wetsuit, and hidden backpack straps for when you need to storm a distant beach—or just walk to your hotel. $65;

Vans Joel Tudor Duffle

Vans Joel Tudor Duffle

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Lead Photo: Photograph by Inga Hendrickson, Illustrations by Roderick Mills
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