Style: Khakis

Strong silent types.

Khaki is the vanilla bean of pant flavors. It's an un-color, and a guy wearing khaki pants is really wearing non-pants. But to underestimate khaki would be a mistake. Like the top domestique on a cycling squad, they can be counted on to do a lot of the hard work, leaving your shirts and shoes to bask in glory atop the podium. In khakis, you can be a yes man at the office and spend your lunch break playing pickup hoops. Your pants won't mind. Some misguided people try to jazz up their khakis with cuffs and pleats. This won't help you; it will sink you. Let them be beige. Think of them as that "glue" friend who holds all your scattered posse together. Thank you, khaki pants.

1. Allagash Twill Pants by L.L. Bean ($45;; Boaris Limited shoes by Patagonia ($120;

2. Field Jean by Eddie Bauer ($50; eddie­; Hydroplex shoes by Rockport ($90;

3. Soft Khaki pants by Dockers ($52;; Zoom Court shoes by Cole Haan ($80;

4. Men's Canvas Khaki Relaxed Fit Pant by Carhartt ($40;; Whino Lace shoes by Patagonia ($95;

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Lead Photo: Photographs by Inga Hendrickson
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