Samantha Davies

Solo Sailor

Mar 20, 2009
Outside Magazine
Samantha Davies

My grandfather was a submarine commander, and I wear his Saint Christopher medal. I'm sure there's something in my blood, but it could be just hero worship. Solo racing is so addictive to me. Every day at sea, I wait for the position reports. I'm trying to think and win. Some days I'll lose 300 miles to a competitor, other times I'll gain. Those highs and lows are part of the game. Being scared Like brown-trousers scared I know at some point I will be. You have those moments, when the waves are enormous at night. There's so much adrenaline. You're alone; you have no option but to get through it. I'm never aching to get back to dry land. Finishing is a bit anticlimactic. I enjoy my little life on my boat. I feel in control.

Davies, 34, took fourth place in the 2009 Vendée Globe, a single-handed, nonstop round-the-world sailing race.

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