Shane McConkey


Mar 20, 2009
Outside Magazine

I just love the feeling of catching air. It's the combination of being completely out of control yet knowing that you're in control. And your stomach going up through your chest and out your mouth. It's just the scariest, coolest thing in the world. I think it's ingrained in our DNA. It stems from having to search for our food way back when. We don't have to do that anymore as humans, but we still have the urge in us—that primal instinct to go for it. For me, it's not about quenching the desire; it's about working through a project and then moving on to the next one. That old line about life being a journey is true: If you're always looking to be satisfied by completing something, then you never will be. It's about being out there and doing it. Accomplishing the mission is just one little part.

Big-mountain freeskier McConkey, 39, appears in this year's Matchstick Productions film Claim.