Catch the Wild North


Jun 1, 2002
Outside Magazine

Stockholm, the heart of Sweden.

THE TRIP Celebrate the longest day of the year—June 21, known as midsommar and observed with Mardi Gras-like parties throughout Sweden—by sea kayaking the Bohuslän archipelago on Sweden's western shore. On this five-day trip with Crossing Latitudes (800-572-8747;, you'll paddle the North Sea, exploring timbered inlets and outlying pink-granite islands. Home base is Tofta GŒrd, a dairy farm converted into a B&B. Offered June 17-23; $1,450 per person. THE HUB: Make Grebbestad, 75 miles north of Göteborg, your kayaking epicenter. Rent a boat and gear at Kajakcenter (011-46-525-109-30; and head for the islands just off the coast. Under the terms of the medieval act Allemansrätten— "every manís right"—you can camp on any of them, as long as you leave no trace. THE EVENT: Gotland—an island in the Baltic Sea—for Medieval Week, August 4-11. Imagine your local Renaissance Fair, but set in Visby, a fortressed, ninth-century city—and with much better vodka (