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Shoes for Adventure Photographers

Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot (photograph by Shana Novak)
Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot

Walk hard in these travel-ready kicks worth a place in any adventure photographer's duffel.

: Patagonia Maui Dew

Patagonia Maui Dew
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

These all-weather, water-resistant-pigskin shoes are surf-town casual yet warm enough to wear well into the fall. But they've won hearts and minds in the halls of our offices because of one thing: light as a freaking feather. $85;

: El Naturalista Recyclus EL N904

El Naturalista Recyclus EL N904
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

From Spanish eco-cobbler El Naturalista, this earthy desert boot has 52 percent recycled rubber in the outsoles, which are designed to mimic corrugated cardboard. Cork in the midsoles, vegetable-tanned leather, and hand stitching complete the package. $250;

: Clarks 60th Anniversary Desert Boot

Clarks 60th Anniversary Desert Boot
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

In honor of the six decades since Clarks made its first desert boot, this crepe-soled throwback is an eye-catching piece good for both long walks and cocktail parties. The Harris tweed shown here is modeled after a 1950s blazer: Think Indiana Jones striding through the Yale quad. $115;

: Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot

Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

This newest addition to the Earthkeepers line harks back to a classic combat boot yet looks forward to another life: Timberland will disassemble it when its time is up and send a full 80 percent of the materials off to be reused and refurbished—all the way down to the metal hardware. $160;

: Sperry Largo Chukka

Sperry Largo Chukka
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Take Sperry's boat-shoe heri­tage—the soles are plenty grippy on wet pavement and sea-splashed decks—and overlay it with a sleek, minimalist suede upper and you've got a perfect (and well-priced) around-towner. $80; sperrytopsider

: Born Bronson

Born Bronson

Comfort kings Børn take on the motorcycle boot with the tough-as-nails, full-grain-leather Bronson. (Yes, inspired by Mr. Charles.) It's an ideal world traveler for those wishing to maintain a certain look. You know who you are. $180;

: Merrell Mangree

Merrell Mangree
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Count on Merrell to deliver a high-performance, air-cushioned-midsole boot—with anti­microbial treatment—that'scut out for trail duty and urban assault. But the swooshy lines may make this sneakerlike crossover an acquired tastefor some. $135;

: Ugg Lenox

Ugg Lenox
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

The leather-and-suede Lenox is the hippest piece here. As with all the company's boots, the inside is soft and cozy, plus you get interchangeable leather and sheepskin insoles. $150;

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