Late Bloomer

In 2002, at the relatively late age of 22 and after pursuing a career in professional soccer with the Canadian junior national team, Leanne Pelosi moved to Whistler and took up snowboarding in earnest. She turned pro within two years, proving that good things really do come to those who wait.

Oct 15, 2007
Outside Magazine

OUTSIDE: What's changed since you started snowboarding?
PELOSI: In the last few years, there has been a lot more support from the industry and a lot more money being put into women's events and sponsorships. Because of that, there are a lot more girls participating, and the trick level has been raised. You're seeing girls throw down 900's at contests.

So the competition has become a lot harder?
Yes, and it's progressing in different areas. There's the backcountry. Girls own snowmobiles and go out to Alaska. I actually just bought a Ski-Doo Everest 146 [$11,839;].

How did you get into snowmobiling?
I had a bunch of guy friends that would double me up, and once you have a snowmobile, it's so easy to go and take really nice photos ...

And that led to filming? Are you more interested in competing or moviemaking these days?
I'll do the major contests like the X Games and the U.S. Open. Aside from that, we're filming every spare minute. My company, Runway Films [], is an all-girls snowboard-movie company. So my life has been busy organizing 15 girls' seasons. Our first film, La La Land, will be in stores September 25.

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