Atomic Youth

Dec 1, 2002
Outside Magazine

One score and five years ago, this magazine burst onto the scene with a bold idea and a mission. The idea was that, against all odds, adventure is alive and well—and a force to reckon with and celebrate. The mission was to find new heroes, phenomenal athletes and explorers, the men and women whose creative force keeps the cutting edge of adventure moving toward the far horizon.
Flash forward to this grand-finale issue of our silver-anniversary year, and we're still excitedly staking our claim on the future, still celebrating the bracing shock of the new. Which brings us to the 25 amazing, inspiring, wild-eyed young stars in the pages that follow. None had even been born back when Outside was launched—but we guarantee you'll be hearing a lot about their exploits and achievements during our next quarter-century. They're the rising generation, they're the real deal, and they're not going anywhere but up. Meet the faces of tomorrow.

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