The Corrections

Mistake #2

Dec 4, 2008
Outside Magazine
Fitness Mistakes

Working Out Just to Work Out
Your training should support the physical demands of your sport. Doing Olympic lifts to failure won't improve your climbing endurance. Long-distance jogging doesn't build the anaerobic capacity that hockey players need. And doing only two-leg strength exercises in the gym doesn't make sense for start-and-stop sports like soccer, since running is an alternating single-leg activity.

The Fix: Make sure your workouts train the muscle groups you need. If your sport involves running, do some single-leg box jumps. If you're an endurance biker, you need to convert some fast-twitch muscles to slow-twitch, so be sure to do the occasional weekend tour in which you ride all day at a leisurely tempo. And unless you're a powerlifter, don't lift weights to failure: it'll just make you sore the next day.