The Corrections

Mistake #3

Dec 4, 2008
Outside Magazine

Living at the Gym
Sure, Equinox is convenient. But exercising indoors is boring, not to mention expensive. And oft-cited research shows it may not be as effective: Researchers at the University of Stockholm had athletes run at the same perceived exertion on an indoor treadmill and on an outdoor track. Result: They ran faster outdoors. Plus, if you're like 40 percent of Americans, you don't get enough vitamin D (conveniently provided by the sun). This deficiency can mean weak bones and skin whiter than Clay Aiken's.

The Fix: Exercise outdoors at least half the time. Avoid treadmills. If you're a gym rat, you can even modify your routines: Try doing lunges up a hill or using a park bench as a plyo box. And just because nobody really uses the chin-up bar on the fitness course at your local park doesn't mean that you can't.