Delorme PN-60W

Mar 10, 2011
Outside Magazine
Delorme's PN-60W and SPOT Satellite Communicator

Delorme's PN-60W and SPOT Satellite Communicator    Photo: Photo by Ryan Heffernan

The Sell: GPS as sat phone. The Test: It comes with free road and 1:24,000 USGS topo maps and can download aerial images (for $30), but that's just chocolate sauce on the sundae. By far the coolest feature of the PN-60w is that it syncs up with Spot's 3.7-ounce Satellite Communicator (included) to beam 41-character text messages, tweets, Facebook updates, or an emergency S.O.S. from almost anywhere on earth. "Typing" on the small 2.2-inch screen with the rocker switch can be tedious, but every message got through—even from under a thick canopy in the Maine woods. The Verdict: Carrying two devices isn't ideal, and the service ain't cheap, but the GPS bar has officially been raised. 7 oz; $450 plus $200-per-year text-and-tracking subscription;

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