Mapping Your Workouts

Jul 23, 2009
Outside Magazine

Got the moves down? Here's how to put them all together in a six-week program that will deliver results. Do one set of each exercise, following the recommended number of reps below. For resistance, pick medicine balls and stretch bands that leave you feeling worked by the final rep. To avoid soreness, make sure you train at least two days per week, but not more than three, and remember to rest after intense sessions.

Week 1
Focus: Strength Endurance
Reps: 15–20
Goals: Using little to no weight and high repetitions, this phase builds your base and lets you focus on technique before intensity.

Week 2
Focus: Basic Strength Initiation
Reps: 8–10
Goals: Cut the frequency back to moderate and gently ramp up the weight and intensity. This preps the body for the harder weeks to come.

Week 3
Focus: Basic Strength
Reps: 4–6
Goals: Boost the intensity by adding incremental resistance while reducing reps. Incorporate the more complex exercises you've avoided.

Week 4
Focus: Strength Power
Reps: 3–5
Goals: This low-volume, high-intensity week encourages the type of stress that leads to peaking and generates usable power and speed for outdoor sports.

Week 5
Focus: Active Recovery
Reps: 0
Goals: Run, bike, play, and rededicate yourself to nutrition, stretching, and self-massage.

Week 6
Focus: Strength Endurance II
Reps: 15­–20
Goals: Revert to high reps and low intensity for maintenance. It should feel easy.