Chadrick Hepburn

Feb 19, 2009
Outside Magazine
Chadrick Hepburn

"I was in finance for eight years," says Hepburn, "but it wasn't satisfying. Now, if the job isn't giving me something for my soul, I don't want it." Fortunately, Hepburn, who grew up on the island of New Providence "wondering why cougars and elephants weren't stomping around" his native islands, was able to turn his childhood curiosity into a new career. For the past eight years, the 37-year-old has been a guide for Grand Bahama Nature Tours. Now, a day at the office entails beach cruising on bikes, sea kayaking, snorkeling, or taking guests on jeep safaris to spot the local red-legged thrushes and pipers. "I just wanted to share my passion for the ocean and the islands," Hepburn says. "Getting paid for it? Well, I'll take that, too."

Vintage hat; Rugby Badge Polo ($98) by Canterbury of New Zealand; Washed Khaki Short ($42) by Dockers; Hybrid shoes ($48) by Sanuk