Scales for Fitness Fanatics

Whether you're a hardcore triathlete or just a flabophobic weekend warrior, the best new scales make it easier than ever to track progress.

Withings scale ((Courtesy of Withings))
Withings scale

The first scale that connects wirelessly to the Internet, Withings uploads your weight and body-fat percentage to Web sites like or Google Health for tracking, or even to an iPhone. You can measure only weight, body-fat percentage, and body-mass index—but it's pretty much idiotproof. $159;

Tanita BC-1000 Scale

The Tanita BC-1000 is one of the best scales for fitness fanatics.

Tanita BC-1000
Tanita BC-1000 (Courtesy of Tanita)

Instead of a screen, the BC-1000 sends your numbers to a Garmin FR60 heart-rate watch ($80) or a $130 remote display and can sync to a PC via a USB drive or an iPhone. While the user interface can be tricky to master (old-school Windows software and no Mac compatibility), the Tanita offers ultra-serious athletes enough data to crash a supercomputer. $280;

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