Giant Anthem X 29er II


Apr 13, 2011
Outside Magazine
Giant Anthem X 29er II mountain bike

Giant Anthem X 29er II    Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

THE SELL: A big-wheeled, go-anywhere full-suspension rig.
THE TEST: This four-inch 29er felt capable almost everywhere we pedaled. It plowed down rocky slopes, traced silky arcs in flowing singletrack, and didn't hesitate (much) on punchy climbs. That faint hesitation wasn't from the suspension—the rear wheel stayed glued down and grinding, even on rubbly uphills—but because of the house-branded rims, which felt plenty stiff but a bit sluggish. Shimano's SLX drivetrain might be budget-minded, but it impressed with its speedy shifting and stable performance. Testers loved all the anodized red bits, which add bling without being obnoxious, but were less thrilled with the rear-shock-adjusting ProPedal switch, which is low and hard to reach.
THE VERDICT: Big-wheeled fun at a manageable price. 27.1 lbs;

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