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Mar 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Bulletins from the Fitness Frontier

Bulletins from the Fitness Frontier

Average additional calories consumed by people who start their day with a helping of meat or eggs over those who consume a high-fiber cold breakfast cereal, according to a survey of nearly 16,500 people by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Move over, red wine and green tea: There's a new cancer, aging, and heart-disease fighter in town: HOT COCOA. "We found that a cup of hot cocoa has almost twice as many healthy antioxidants as a glass of red wine, four times more than a cup of green tea, and five times more than a cup of black tea," says Chang Yong Lee, a food biochemist at Cornell University and the author of a new study on antioxidant levels in beverages. Sadly, Lee knows of no benefits derived from mini-marshmallows.

Bad news, guys: In terms of life and death, men gain less from increased levels of exercise than women do. A study at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center found that as fitness levels in women rose, their mortality levels dropped by 17 percent. A comparative study found that men's levels dropped by only 8.5 percent. Bad news, gals: The risk of death for unfit women appears to be higher than that for unfit men.