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The 100 Best Adventure Web Sites

Jan 2, 2009
Outside Magazine

Get the info you need. Then get out the door.
That was our mantra when putting together Outside's guide to the Internet. The cheapest gear, the choicest hotel rooms, the best training tools, maps, and weather sites. It's all here. Now it's up to you to customize your browser or handheld device—so you can turn them off and relax.


When's the best time to buy? predicts whether fares between specific cities will rise or fall in the near future. will track prices on your selected flights and alert you via e-mail when they fall. Whenever you go, helps you pick the best seat on the plane.

Travel Planning covers 250,000 destinations, mostly in Europe, and also features content pulled from Wikipedia and YouTube. For user-generated reviews, we still love, which has more than 20 million food and lodging picks around the world. Where to go next? and churn out great recommendations geared to your interests, while has helpful lists (best snorkeling in the Caribbean) and travel tips (Timeshares 101).

Where to Stay is the of the hotel industry, with daily reviews and gossip, plus lists like “The Five Worst Hotel Rooms for Drunk People." More practical is, which collects user-generated hotel recommendations and searches more than 30 booking sites for the best deals. rates hotels and recommends the best rooms at each in terms of size, views, etc.

Online Video
The team at creates one-to-two-minute video hotel reviews so you can view location, rooms, and even workout facilities before booking. has some of the most professional-looking amateur videos on the Web. may have the largest travel video-collection, with over 12,000. Plus, upload a photo from the road and they’ll turn it into a postcard and snail-mail it anywhere in the world ($2–$3 per card).

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