Your Charity Money In Action

People give when they know it will buy something tangible. We asked directors at five organizations to tell us what donations from $50 to $50K would accomplish.

Dec 4, 2009
Outside Magazine
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Executive Vice President of Mission Andy Miller
Mission: Cancer Research and Support

$50: Would purchase one tank of gas for Ride with Emilio, a program that provides free transportation for low-income pediatric oncology patients to and from the hospital.

$100: Can provide 60 cancer survivors with educational and online resources and support for a year.

$500: Can buy a month of the LiveStrong Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Service, matching 45 cancer survivors to clinical trials that work to find safer, more effective treatments.

$50,000: Can provide physical-activity programs for a year to 49 YMCA locations participating in LiveStrong. That covers 2,400 cancer survivors unable to pay.

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