Doctors Without Borders

USA Board President Matthew Spitzer, M.D.

Dec 4, 2009
Outside Magazine
Malaria treatment in Sierra Leone

Malaria treatment in Sierra Leone

Mission: Disaster Medical Care

$50: Can treat 50 adults or 100 children under age five with artemisinin combination therapy (ACT), a safe and effective treatment for malaria.

$100: Can purchase seven rapid meningitis tests to help teams detect an epidemic, such as in Nigeria, Niger, and Chad, where we vaccinated 7.5 million people this year.

$500: Purchases a sustainable shelter for two refugee families forced to flee their homes due to war or violence, like those in Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

$50,000: Funded our response to a 2007 cholera outbreak in Uganda. In ten weeks we treated 850 patients and supplied clean drinking water to 3,000 people at risk.

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