America's Best Races

Every year, thousands ofericans race. Very few of them win. All of them have a blast. Isn't it time you joined the party?

Feb 24, 2009
Outside Magazine
America's Best Races

Start of Cross Country Race    Photo: courtesy of Sea Otter Classic


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Lance Armstrong isn't returning to racing; he never quit. Those marathons he entered during his retirement weren't fun runs. And the fact that a guy with his money, records, and little black book kept coming back for more tells you all you need to know about racing: Once you start, you never really stop. Set a race in your sights and everything you do changes. Food becomes fuel. Sleep becomes recovery. The resignation to exercise becomes the compulsion to train. Winning? That's a moving target=; if your goal is only to enter, you've won as soon as you show up. From there, your limits are up to you. Consider this your starting line. We've not only picked the best races of the next year—a full calendar of contests around the U.S. for everyone from pros to regular Joes—but we're going to help you get to the finish in style. Study up, mark your calendar, and get to work. There's a long, fun road ahead.