Nomads Have More Fun

Mar 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

En route to the Lugenda River, Mozambique, June 2002    Photo: Joshua Paul

Of course they do—they get to trek with camels. But you can, too! We've got the COOLEST TRIPS, TOP TEN TRENDS, EXPERT ADVICE, AND BEST NEW PLACES TO GET LOST IN 2003. So what are you waiting for? Giddyup!

Star Power
Let the Pros Be Your Guides

Far Out
Get Lost in the Back of Beyond

Close Encounters
Say Hello to the Wild Life

Immersion Therapy
The Next Best Thing to Actually Living There

It's Only Natural
Go the Extra Green Mile

Variety Packs
Take the Multisport Approach

Take It to the Limit
No Whining Allowed

Get Wheel
Blazing New Trails by Mountain Bike

The Deep End
Water is the Best Element

Future Classics
Our Next Thrilling Episodes

Remote Trips Right Here at Home

Elevator, Going Up
Three Helicopter Epics

Most Likely to Succeed
Six New Additions to the Adventure Travel Map

Cautionary Trails
What's Up in the World's Danger Zones