Wheel Appeal

Upgrade your ride with these stocking stuffers

Dec 1, 2002
Outside Magazine

($400; 949-464-9916, www.crankbrothers.com) feature four-sided entry, for no-brainer, no-look clip-ins, and a mud-shedding design that works even in the deepest peanut butter.

Though it features no crotch cutouts or gel padding, the FI'ZI:K ALIANTE ($150; 800-223-3207, www.fizik.it) is one of the most comfortable saddles around. The key is a bi-directional carbon-fiber-and-Kevlar shell, which creates a flexible center for a soft ride.

If the shoes fit, they must be CARNAC's QUARTZ CYCLING CLEATS ($259; 800-654-8052, www.sinclair-imports.com), the first and only off-the-shelf cycling kicks available with a narrow, medium, or wide footprint. Ventilated neoprene-and-leather uppers and four carbon-fiber-reinforced straps hold them snug for happy hammering.

Wear CRAFT's PRO SLEEVELESS CREW skintight baselayer ($28; 781-631-9544, www.craft-usa.com) under a jersey to stay, believe it or not, cooler on climbs—and, of course, warmer on the way down.

SYNTACE's SCREW-ON MOTO GRIPZ ($20; 800-796-8223, www.syntace.com) stay put thanks to a screw-tight locking collar that keeps the ergonomically shaped grips from twisting loose at the worst possible time.

SIXSIXONE's RAJI MOUNTAIN BIKE GLOVES ($25; 661-257-2756, www.sixsixone.com) put a premium on comfort and control rather than jouster's-mitt protection. The padless palm's smaller grip diameter translates into less forearm fatigue on long descents.

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