Aces Wild

They've paid their dues, mastered their game, and pushed the limits. And this year, they've been blowing our minds. Meet the new icons of cool.

Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton

Plenty of people rocked our world this year—like resilient shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, Olympic supa-swimma Michael Phelps, valiant Iraq war photographer Chris Anderson, and (of course) Lance, with his butt-whompingest Tour win yet. Meet the top 25 picks in our roundup of adventure heroes who stand a cut above.
Laird Hamilton: Big-Wav Surfer

Misty May & Kerri Walsh: Solid-Gold Spikers

Rush Sturges, Marlow Long, & Brooks Baldwin: Mad Auteurs

Keir Dillon: Snowboarder

Lauren Lee: Model Climber

Stewart & Brown: Eco-Fashionistas

Alexander Fyfe: Soccer Captain

Joe Don Morton: Smoke Jumper

Lance Armstrong: The Boss

Bethany Hamilton: Surfer

Justin Carven: Guru of Grease

Danny Way: Big-Air Huckster

Becky Bristow: Expedition Kayaker

Kit DesLauriers: Freeskier

Jimmy Chin: All-Mountain Man

Michael Phelps: Heavy-Medal Swimmer

Rush Randle: Wave Doctor

André Tolmé: Golfer in the Rough

Tim Bluhm: Vagabond Rocker

Dwight Aspinwall & Perry Dowst: Gear Savants

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Environmental Action Hero

Chris Anderson: Fronline Photographer

Jim Prosser: Sustainable Vintner

Jim Fraps & Jeff & Paul Pensiero: Big-Pow Hoteliers

Darren Berrecloth: Freeride Mountain Biker

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