PENANCE: Patience

Nov 29, 2010
Outside Magazine
Wusthof Classic Wide Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Classic Wide Cook’s Knife

Penance: Patience
There tends to be one in every family: the dude who needs to chill. At age nine, his vibrating energy was tolerable. His parents thought, Let him be himself, and got him a skateboard. Now he's 39, often injured, always late for supper ("Sorry, but the [powder/swell/wind] was epic!"), and wanting … a skateboard. What you should give him is a knife. A hefty and serious blade like the Wusthof Classic Wide cook's knife ($150; compels even the most restless man to pause and consider the possibilities. To plan an afternoon's adventure so it ends at the butcher. To be—when carving or filleting or mincing—steady. Controlled. To be on time for supper, because he's making it.

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