The Fittest (Real) Men in America

Meet Outside's Fittest (Real) Men in America. Emulation is encouraged.

Sep 4, 2008
Outside Magazine
Steve Yore

IT manager and biking badass Steve Yore, Grooming by Garen Tolkin    Photo: Jill Greenberg

Forget what the mags with the shirtless, six-packed dudes on the cover tell you. Fitness is not about 20-inch guns and 10-minute full-body workouts. Nor is it about miracle diets or flashy sponsorships. And it's certainly not about looking good at the gym. Fitness is about living at your peak, no matter what stands in your way. It's about obeying the alarm clock, peeling yourself out of bed, and finding that extra hour most people think they'll never have. And since it's never been easier for average Joes to connect to coaches, network with training partners, and find cutting-edge advice and gear online, the only thing between you and the podium is commitment. To prove it, we set out to find real guys with real careers who somehow make time to train and perform like pros (and often beat them at their own game).

Over the past year, Yore has notched top-ten finishes in ten 100-plus-mile mountain-bike races around the West, including an impressive fourth-place solo performance in February at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, the largest 24-hour bike race in the country—all while working 50 hours a week (plus an hour commute) as the IT manager at Eclipse Aviation.

For me it's about momentum. You've got to keep moving toward your goals. There are so many things that can get in the way, but they can be rolled over. I refuse to let work be the only reason to get up early or stay up late. When I wake up in the morning, I think of finishing that workout. To do that, I've got to get out of bed, get my shorts on, and get on the bike. You set those small goals to achieve the bigger goal. I'm not trying to impress anyone; I'm doing it for myself, so there are no external pressures. That helps. And I'm not special; I think everybody has the energy to do it. Momentum is energy. Once you get going, it's like a rock rolling down a mountain: It's not stopping. You don't want to be in its way.

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