The Best Commuter Bike Bags


Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic

Courtesy of Ortlieb

Like to haul bigger loads, like a laptop, on a rear rack? Get ORTLIEB's grab-and-go BACK-ROLLER CLASSIC (pair, $165;, one of the toughest, and best-looking, waterproof panniers available.

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Commuter Bike Bags: Acorn Boxy Rando Bag

Acorn Boxy Rando Bag

Courtesy of Acorn

ACORN's canvas-and-leather BOXY RANDO BAG ($170;, a classic randonneuring design, sits on a small front rack, is easily removed for carrying with an optional strap ($11), and will keep your stuff dry in all but the soppingest downpours.

Commuter Bike Bags: Ortlieb Packman Pro 2

Ortlieb Packman Pro 2

Courtesy of Ortlieb

ORTLIEB's waterproof PACKMAN PRO 2 ($150; features a breezeway for your back, a helmet net, and cushy shoulder straps.

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