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Presenting our just-discovered Periodic Table of Outside Elements, a breakthrough in mapping the scientific building blocks of big, bad fun. We've alchemized gold, steel, titanium, wood, leather, wool, silicon, plastic, and carbon fiber into an array of 56 high-design gifts that you'll definitely want to give. And, just as important, get.

Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Trek's Livestrong Madone SL

   Photo: Mark Wiens

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What's better than owning a piece of history? Owning a piece of history with 22-karat gold inlay. This December, TREK is offering Lance Armstrong's gold-trimmed, carbon-fiber LIVESTRONG MADONE SL in a limited production run of 600 bikes. The price includes an autographed poster of the Man riding the original model into Paris this past July. $10,000; 800-313-8735,