The New Right Stuff


Dec 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
2004 Holiday Gift Guide

(A) Grab AT's XCEPTION SL 25.6-ounce touring paddle and churn water fatigue-free for days. $400; 877-766-4757, (B) Keep your head in the game—and off the rocks—with the SWEET ROOSTER, a carbon-fiber-reinforced whitewater lid. $260; (C) DB brings us the SURREAL skis, boards that sandwich carbon fiber and Kevlar. $880; (D) Tour up and tear down with a pair of adjustable CARBON FIBER FLICKLOCK POLES from BLACK DIAMOND. $90; 801-278-5552, (E) Taunt the peloton with CARNAC's gorgeous M5 CARBON roadie shoes, which weave microfiber and carbon and weigh ten measly ounces apiece. $360; 800-654-8052, (F) NRS CREEK GLOVES will save your knuckles and give Krazy Glue grip. $75; 800-635-5202,