Life's a Wild Trip

Mar 1, 2002
Outside Magazine
It's a Real, Real, Real, Real World

Problem: It's a dangerous world out there.
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How do you put this thing in reverse? Heavy traffic in Kaokoveld, Namibia

We've learned a lot in a quarter-century of roaming the planet. This month, to kick off Outside's silver anniversary, we've chosen 25 bold, epic, soul-nourishing experiences that every true adventurer must seek out—from the relatively plush and classic to the cutting-edge and hard-core. All that's left for you is the easy part:

Exotic Places Made Me Do It
Our resident gadabout's cri de coeur to get you off your duff and out chasing your dreams.
1-3 Follow in the Footsteps of Greatness, Make a First Ascent, Get Lost in Your Own Backyard

4-6 Live a South Seas Fantasy, Track Big Game on Safari, Scare Yourself Witless on a Class V River

7-9 See the World from Behind Bars, Journey to the Ends of the Earth, Paddle with the Whales

10-12 Free Your Soul on a Pilgrimage, Explore Majestic Canyons, Help Save an Endangered Species

13-15 Master the Art of the F-Stop, Ski Infinite Backcountry, Take an Epic Trek

16-18 Get Culture Shocked, Go Polar, Stay Alive!

19-21 Swim with Sharks, Pursue Lost Horizons, Behold the Wonders of the Cosmos

22-25 Jump Down the Food Chain, Gallop Through the Surf, Cast Away in Paradise, Break On Through to the Other Side