Twelve Weeks

In which the author undertakes a grandiose experiment: to discover whether a regularly imbibing, socially smoking, still carousing 37-year-old can transform himself into a competitive athlete. Guess what? He did. Follow his plan and you can, too.

Jul 8, 2008
Outside Magazine
Twelve weeks to a stronger you

Twelve weeks to a stronger you    Photo: Mike MacGregor

Fitness: Twelve Weeks to a Better You

Screw quick fixes and fad diets. Dedicate 12 weeks to this back-to-basics plan, and you can have real, lasting, all-around health and fitness. My story is living proof.

The Guinea Pig, Part I: The author begins his 12-week challenge

The Guinea Pig, Part II: The author finishes a triathlon, with two weeks to go in his program

The Coach: Utah Jazz strength-and-conditioning coach Mark McKown

The Diet: Registered dietitian Beth Wolfgram on quality and timing of meals

The Strength: Upper body

The Strength: Lower body and body control

The Stretches: Don't flex in vain

The Core: Exercises to strengthen the all-important core

The Plan: Download and print the full workout

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