Balanced Beings

Jan 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Natural Fit

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Paula Newby-Fraser 41//Triathlete
Newby-Fraser's 23 Ironman Triathlon wins since 1986, including eight Ironman World Champion titles, are credited to her relentless training—up to 30 hours a week. But it wasn't all swimming, biking, and running. She also made yoga, massage, and her favorite, Pilates, part of her regimen.

"I never quit doing some semblance of strength training during the year," says the San Diego- based Newby-Fraser. "It's the foundation of everything I do in competition. But there are only so many miles you can pound out of yourself before you start wasting away. Pilates is one of the most well-balanced forms of exercise, because it combines flexibility training with the benefits of weight lifting."

Even though Newby-Fraser recently stepped down from the pro ranks, she's not slowing down. She currently trains ten hours a week, which includes two Pilates sessions, and competes in six triathlons or running races a year.