Tiny Off-the-Grid Homes We Love

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Photo: Graypants, Inc./Hide and Seek
The latest in coffee-table inspiration comes from the newly released Hide and Seek. The book is a compilation of unique, well-designed, escape-from-reality cabins we lust over. These structures aren't lavish: instead, they're dedicated to simplicity and the surrounding environment. Grab a copy and, we promise you, you'll start to drool.

Photo: Perched over the Puget Sound, this cabin boasts a view that's hard to beat. This repurposed garage features folding glass panels that make the structure feel like it's one with the surrounding environment.
Photo: Branch Studio Architects/Hide and Seek
This mobile lakeside structure is designed to encourage a simple, nature-loving life with its large windows and wood-lined interior.
Photo: Act Romegialli/Hide and Seek
Completely covered with growth, this weekend home sits in the Raethian Alps and provides a primitive escape from everyday life.
Photo: Ábaton/Hide and Seek
These portable homes expand and adjust depending on the surrounding landscape. The exterior cement-board panels swing open or closed depending on how much light you want to let in.
Photo: Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Häc/Hide and Seek
Situated over a lake—nicknamed the Lake of Gods—this simple three-story structure is used by officials during the annual rowing regatta. Made from pine, the building can be accessed from water or land.
Photo: Kolman Boye Architects/Hide and Seek
Located near the polar circle, this little cabin pays homage to the traditional vernacular huts found in this area. The Vega Cottage offers sweeping views of the ocean, mountains, and bedrock—the perfect place to find inner peace.
Photo: Mas y Fernández Arquitectos Aso/Hide and Seek
This high-quality yet low-cost second home has two distinct personalities. Solid and protective on the outside, the inside is light and airy with its sliding glass doors and expansive views of the countryside.
Photo: Rob Sweere/Hide and Seek
These sled dwellings are used as part of a rehabilitation program that pairs troubled children with local hunters to learn more about their natural surroundings. Built for up to six guests, the sleds can be towed by dogs or snowmobiles over sea and ice.
Photo: Giovanni Pesamosca Architetto/Hide and Seek
This classic A-frame in the Julian Alps was built in honor of accomplished mountaineer Luca Vuerich, who died in an avalanche more than four years ago. Located on a popular hiking trail, the structure is a welcome rest spot for climbers.