Outside's Best Travel Photography: August

Throughout the pandemic, we'll keep publishing news to help you navigate the state of travel today (like whether travel insurance covers the coronavirus), as well as stories about places for you to put on your bucket list once it's safe to start going more far-flung.

Photo: Andy Best
With the effects of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption still lingering on the landscape, photographer Andy Best snapped this photo on an eerie, fog-filled night.
Photo: Scott Rogers
Climbing the picturesque Fisher Towers is tricky, but slacklining between the two takes it to another level.
With the only helicopter covering the event, lensman Pete McBride grabbed this aerial image of the Leadville 100 MTB.
Photo: Dylan Furst
Beautiful and pristine Pacific Northwest forests. Perfect for a summer rope swing.
Photo: Isaias Miciu
One of the best floats in Argentina for fisherman and boaters alike is a trip down the Futaleufú river. It's not bad for photographers like Isaias Miciu either.
Photo: Woods Wheatcroft
On his first BASE jumping assignment, Woods Wheatcroft set the bar pretty high with this scene from the Dolomites.
Photo: Emily Polar
Hearing the screams of people jumping from around the bend, Emily Polar was able to grab her camera and snap this frame just in time.
Photo: Max Seigal
One of the most photographed BLM locations in the country, the Wave was brought to life by photographer Max Seigal.
Photo: Jimmy Martinello
Jim Martinello and his friend Trevor Mcdonald barely got their backpacks off before their first routes on the Penguin in the Cirque of the Unclimbables.
Photo: Corey Arnold
Photographer Corey Arnold thought shark diving would be underwhelming after seeing it so many times on TV. He changed his mind quickly.
Photo: Chris Burkard
Taking a break from a surf assignment, Chris Burkard took some time to check out these stunning falls.
Catching a permit on a fly road is one of the hardest tasks in fishing. Getting a shot like this is just icing on the cake.